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10 Songs to Push Productivity in an Office Setting

Everyone knows when the office starts to lose steam. Suddenly the full coffee pot you just poured is magically emptied within minute and as you look around, you start notice everyone mindlessly scrolling on their phones. When those moments happen it can seem impossible to get back on track and the thought of your fourth cup of joe doesn’t seem that appealing after all. Well, here at 2DM, we know that even motivated and goal oriented teams can sometimes fall into that 3pm slump. So to combat this office problem we decided to pull together a common but unlikely duo, science and coffee.

Research from the University of Miami under assistant professor Teresa Lesiuk, in the music therapy program suggests that certain types of music worsen and improve productivity. It is all up to the genre you are listening too to ensure your tasks are completed. Most people wanting to focus on tasks tend to listen to, classical, ambient, nature, electronic and gaming music. Yes, you read that right, music for video games! Think of the music of Zelda or Mario Kart, joyful yet not complex enough for distraction.

Use music as the tool to pump up your team. It’s as simple as that! Music that is complex in style is great for popping the office champagne when you score a new client but not efficient enough to create a cohesive work environment. Check out our playlist to get your team in the zone!

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